Raising our voices to warn about the critical situation of Human Rights Defenders


Often it is necessary to raise our voices to warn about the critical situation of Human Rights Defenders at risk worldwide, especially when affecting vulnerable groups and defenders working in crisis situations, difficult countries or under repressive regimes.

An adequate warning helps to break the isolation in which actors of repression attempt to place Human Rights Defenders, and contributes to improving their situation at the local level and to end situations of harassment against them. Besides, strategic advocacy has proven to be useful to release defenders from detention, to facilitate the withdrawal of charges against them, to promote the adoption of protection measures or the conduct of impartial investigation into violations. For this reason, ProtectDefenders.eu addresses its efforts to build public awareness and enhanced visibility about the situation of Human Rights Defenders at every level.

Through its partners, ProtectDefenders.eu dispatches urgent alerts and coordinates immediate responses. These interventions include early warnings, field missions to conduct urgent advocacy, documentation of human rights violations and mobilisation of public and media attention on severe situations. It also monitors the individual situation of defenders in critical situations, whether imprisoned or under trial, and advocates for the end of impunity of violations of their rights.

ProtectDefenders.eu pursues the engagement of relevant stake-holders, including intergovernmental bodies, EU institutions, international community and media by alerting on specific cases and situations of repression to prevent the escalation of human rights violations. In the long term, ProtectDefenders.eu advocates for new protection mechanisms and against legal frameworks that inhibit, criminalise or undermine the freedoms and rights of Human Rights Defenders and their work.

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