Grant application form
for temporary relocation

Applications may be made by a potential host organization or institution, by the individual human rights defender concerned, or by a third party.

1. Contact details

Human Rights Defender :

Potential host organization :

2. Details of the reasons for this request

Description of the human rights activities of the proposed Human Rights Defender

Please attach links to website or press articles when applicable

Description of the security context or risks/threats that prompted the request, any other relevant information

Please attach links to website or press articles when applicable

Description of the proposed temporary relocation: location, proposed activities, security plan for moving to the relocation place

Please insert details on:
- country of relocation & why selected
- why temporary relocation is the best strategy, what other options have been considered
- planned activities in relation with the relocation (such as advocacy activities to relevant stakeholders, research, training / study, etc.)
- planned security trainings (if any) in relation with the relocation
- will the Human Rights Defender be able to continue with his/ her activities whilst relocated?
- is anything planned to support the family of the Human Rights Defender? Is that needed?
- organizations approached for additional funding (if any)
- security plan for moving to relocation place.

What are the expected impact and results?

Duration of the planned relocation promotes temporary relocation of an average duration ranging up to 6 or 12 months. In exceptional circumstances however, support for relocation can be renewed or a longer period of relocation can be considered.

How do you see the process of returning to your home country

Considering that relocation supported under this scheme is intended to be temporary, please provide a possible time-frame for return to home country and a strategy of how to support security measures/plans in the context of a return.

In case return to the country is not possible for the Human Rights Defender, how would you proceed?

3. Details on the Budget requested for the proposed relocation

Amount of funding requested (in EUROS €)

1- The costs indicated in the estimated overall budget attached to the grant application must be reasonable and in accordance with the local living standards of the relocation place. If duly justified by the applicant in the application format, the amount of funding considered for a relocation grant can reach a top level of 60.000 Euros.
2- indicate the exchange rate (if necessary)
3. If accepted, the reporting form will be sent with the Grant Agreement Contract. Please note that copies of any original supporting documentation related with filghts tickets and accommodation related costs will be needed.

Additional sources of funding to support the relocation

As per requirements of the European Commission we need to provide additional funding for the relocation process. Please define the amount and origin of additional funding available to support the relocation (if any) and provide a time frame for when the request is expected.

Please also describe if you had applied to other funding programmes for your relocation, which may be under revision process.


BUDGET EXAMPLE: in the Guidelines you can see a Budget example.
Relocation of Human Right Defender Unit value
Number of units
Covered by Protect
Covered by Fund #2 Covered by Fund #3

4. Contact details of references who could support the request

Reference who should be contacted to support or endorse your request

Please provide phone numbers as they are of particular relevance for referencing purposes and to speed the process

Reference 1 :

Reference 2 :

Direct access