Los defensores y defensoras de derechos humanos, a causa de la labor que desempeñan, a menudo están sometidos a persecuciones, abusos, castigos y arrestos o detenciones arbitrarias, especialmente en países en los que no existe un Estado de Derecho efectivo

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July 28 supports the Asturian temporary relocation programme for Human Rights Defenders

For more than two years, has been providing sustained financial and technical support to the oldest temporary relocation program for human rights defenders in Spain, located in the Principality of Asturias, an autonomous region in the north of the country. Since 2001, the Asturian Program for Assistance to Victims of Violence in Colombia (Programa Asturiano de Atención a Víctimas de la Violencia en Colombia - PAV-DDHH) has been hosting trade unionists and human rights defenders in Colombia for a period of six months. In addition, every year since 2005, the Program conducts a mission to the country, which aims to verify the state of human rights in Colombia and to verify the situation of former beneficiaries of the program after their return. In the current period, the program is welcoming five defenders and social leaders in the city of Gijón:

Nixon Gabriel Robledo, human rights defender who provides accompaniment to the victims of the internal armed conflict as a member of the Standing Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in the department of Chocó.

Juan Antonio Niño, lawyer, human rights defender, secretary of the Social Corporation for Community Counseling and Training - COSPACC, member of the Foundation for the Promotion of Social Justice Javier Alberto Barriga Vergel - FUNJAB. He represents victims of serious human rights violations with responsibility of the public force in the department of Casanare, including cases of extrajudicial executions committed by the National Army.

María del Carmen Mayuso, woman human rights defender, founder, survivor and activist of the Patriotic Union movement. For her work of social and political opposition to the privatization of the right to health, she has been the victim of accusations, stigmatization and abusive use of criminal law.

Álvaro Vega, a trade union leader and human rights defender, has been President of the Unitary Central of Workers CUT Sectional Valle del Cauca. In 2013 he was elected member of the National Executive Committee of the CUT and served as Director of Legal Affairs.

Abel Coicue, authority of the Indigenous Reserve of Huellas-Caloto, leader of the Association of Indigenous Cabildos of Northern Cauca -ACIN- and of the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia ONIC, is a human rights defender and communicator of the radio station Radio Pa 'Yumat.

During their stay in Asturias, the human rights defenders participate in 'citizen diplomacy' and advocacy activities for peace before the Asturian and European institutions; and carry out continuous actions for denouncing, raising awareness and promoting human rights within the Spanish society.

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"We are not opposing development, we just want to be treated with equality and respect" - European Development Days 2019

On Tuesday, 18 June 2019 at 15:15,, in partnership with the European Union External Action Service and the International Land Coalition, organised a panel at the European Development Days 2019, under the title 'The guardians of the territory - Strengthening international solidarity and support to indigenous peoples and environmental human rights defenders'.

In this session - which is available in this podcast, participants debated new strategies to defend and increase solidarity to those risking their lives to protect the planet's most precious heritage. As stated by WHRD and Champion of Earth Joan Carling, indigenous communities must be able to fight for their rights without being intimidated or killed, and partnerships with indigenous people are necessary to protect their rights and deliver equitable benefits - “We need political will from States to implement the rights of indigenous peoples and human rights due diligence for the business sector. We are not opposing development, we just want to be treated with equality and respect and to engage into partnerships”

Environmental degradation driven by political and economic interests aggravates inequality and impacts on communities, which are denied basic rights and face repression. Indigenous peoples and environmental human rights defenders are at the forefront of defending their territories against projects that exploit natural resources and they are under threat – 207 environmental human rights defenders were killed in 2017Stella Matutina, a courageous WHRD from Mindanao warned about the "ethnocide of indigenous peoples, through erosion of our culture and our right to self-determination. Indigenous peoples undoubtedly are left behind in our unequal world". Also Ariane Assemat, of Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Montaña Tlachinollan  in Mexico alerted of the impunity of perpetrators of attacks and killings of land rights defenders "This is a global trend: the world is today deadlier than ever for those defending land rights".

Sabine Pallas, from the International Land Coalition, stressed the responsibility for international donors and governments to act to ensure that indigenous and environmental rights are protected, and efforts taken to make sure that defending rights and resources is not considered criminal. “We must respect and protect the rights of indigenous communities to engage in participatory consultations for a prior, free and informed consent. But also we must protect their right to disent.” and environmental rights defenders

In this regard, the implementation of has focused very much in providing emergency support and assistance to land and indigenous HRDs worldwide. For example, nearly 400 out of the 1,200 emergency grants allocated during the first phase of the EU HRD mechanism were provided to land, indigenous and environmental defenders for them to implement quick security measures, such as physical protection, medical support, legal support, or urgent relocation. Also, has funded the work of communities, and human rights groups advocating for land, indigenous and environmental rights across the globe, including in the most oppresive contexts, by providing 60 comprehensive grants for these groups to inmplement innovative projects (such as campaigns, advocacy, or training), or to reinforce or build their sustainability through core-funding, lifeline support or bridge funding. When urgent support in the field has not been enough to alleviate the danger HRDs are facing, has accompanied land, indigenous, and environmental HRDs through 50 temporary relocation programmes with the support of host institutions worldwide.

Moreover, the training programme has reinforced the skills and the capacities of more than 3,000 land, indigenous, and environmental HRDs around the world, via comprehensive training programmes on physical security, holistic security, protection mechanisms, advocacy, and by providing ongoing support and physicial accompaniment to the defenders and the communities on their daily activities and actions.

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Apoyo a organizaciones

Apoyando a las organizaciones locales de derechos humanos en sus actividades

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Sociedad civil internacional implementando el mecanismo de la UE para los defensores de derechos humanos.

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Llegar a los defensores y defensoras de derechos humanos en áreas remotas y en países donde es especialmente peligroso desarrollar su labor

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Personas que, individual o colectivamente, trabajan pacíficamente en nombre de otros para promover y defender derechos humanos internacionalmente reconocidos.

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